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Patricia Susilo had a very clear view about where she wanted to take her career at a very early age itself. This was all due to the efforts put in by her businessman father who inspired her with very wise words at a very early age which cannot be said for all the children of her age at that time. Patricia listened to her father’s words very carefully and always understood their meaning clearly, as if she was god-gifted.

Her father’s efforts paid off and she realized her passion and the path to take her towards success at a very young age. Patricia Susilo started working at the age of 13; for her uncle as a cashier. This experience while working at very young age gave Patricia Susilo a lot of exposure about how to present herself to the world to be successful. While working she was getting her education that could lead her to the path of her passion and interest.

Her dedication and hard work is clearly visible to anyone who knows her. Patricia Mirawati Susilo is a leading property investment entrepreneur and a corporate role worker in National Australia Bank in the business banking sector which increases her experiences and exposure to business even further.